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Peter is running for Mayor of Charleston because a great city deserves a hardworking mayor who knows how to lead and will stop the current direction Charleston is going.


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On day one of assuming the role as Charleston’s mayor, Peter will make the following issues his top priorities to ensure that Charleston residents are put first, and we pause to rethink Charleston. The future of our city depends on it.

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Keeping our communities safe and reducing crime

Prioritizing flood management

Managing traffic and overdevelopment

Planning for attainable housing

When elected, Peter will make reducing crime a top priority. His commitment to the citizens is to:

  • Work with the Solicitor’s Office to expedite the prosecution of repeat offenders, especially those charged with violent crimes and gun violations.
  • Continue to improve on resolving cases in municipal court.

Peter will also:

  • Conduct a top-to-bottom review of City government departments to create a more efficient and transparent administration.
  • Create the Mayor’s Citizen Cabinet to assist in reviewing and implementing City plans and policies.
  • Assess the current permitting review process to streamline applications submitted for approval.
  • Audit all citizen boards and commissions to ensure their mission is consistent with promoting quality of life issues for all residents.

Peter Shahid discusses why he is running and his vision for the city.


Join us in Peter’s campaign to become Charleston’s next mayor.
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Make checks out to:
Shahid for Mayor
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Charleston, SC 29417


My grandparents came to South Carolina from Lebanon at the turn of the 20th century, and this city took them in. My grandfather built Shahid’s Department Store on upper King Street, which stayed in our family for almost 100 years. I, as well as my siblings and cousins, worked in the family store alongside my grandfather, father, uncle and aunts, where we learned the values of hard work, diligence and community. I’ve proudly raised my family and worked here, serving as an Assistant U.S. Attorney, a municipal judge, and now practice law with my son at Shahid Law Office.

Since being elected to City Council in 2016, I have had a front-row seat to the challenges this city faces – public safety, flooding, attainable housing and poor infrastructure – and what happens when we don’t have the leadership we need to confront those challenges head-on. We need a mayor who is ready to fight for this city and our residents. That’s why I’m running.

Peter Shahid Standing in Front of Stairs